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Ellie perez



Ellie Perez comes from Philadelphia, PA with the colorful persona of a Cuban, the focus of a producer, and the creativity of a composer. She is honored to be a scholarship student at Berklee College of Music, but can't wait to get out in the world and utilize the skills and connections she has gained. After graduating early from Berklee College of Music with a dual degree in Contemporary Writing & Production/Performance, she dreams of writing music for advertisements, television, and song placements.

So far in her career, she has been fortunate to have many opportunities outside of school. Written accomplishments include the song "Yesterday," commissioned by a friend and volunteer of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Proceeds of this self-produced original piece went to AFSP, as well as donation profits from live performances. She has had the amazing privilege to tour with acoustic folk band Kismet all over the northeast. She also performs with an 8-piece wedding band, "Whole Step Up," and works on arrangements for Boston-based Rapper/Singer Gemini Wired.





Composer, Producer

LIBRARY TRAIN-audio composed & produced by ellie perez

US Marines advertisement-audio composed & produced by ellie perez


LIBRARY CUES composed and produced by ellie perez


ORCHESTRAL ARRANGEMENT arranged by ellie perez

Vocalist, Pianist


Ellie began singing as a student of opera and musical theatre until eventually branching out into contemporary genres of her own interest. Combining the soul of blues/rock and the brightness of indie pop, she found her own vocal niche, harnessing the ability to interpret and convey songs in her own genuine way.

She is fortunate to have performed all along the east coast touring with folk band Kismet, performing as a solo artist, and with a brief stint in the Philadelphia-based band The Black Ties.


official music video-"spring" by kismet

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